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My name is Angela Cragg and I LOVE words. That’s why I’m a freelance editor and writing coach – I’m the Word Gypsy. 

Over the past 15 years, I have worked on:

  • websites
  • press releases
  • memoirs
  • fiction and non-fiction novels
  • and many different types of essays, reports, guidelines and magazines

My editing bug came out early in life with me helping friends make it through high school English and then starting to work on local menus and business cards; I officially named my company Word Gypsy Editing in 2010.  You can find a wee taste of the more current projects I’ve been a part of featured on the ‘samples’ page of this website.

I love the challenge of a new piece, of bringing out the best an author has to offer, and exploring new worlds through another person’s words. I also love being a part of growing someone’s love for writing and expression — one way I’ve done that over the past 6 years is by developing creative writing classes for high school students grades 8-12.  I have had some of my most challenging and enriching experiences in these classes working with budding authors.

I’ve met many great people on this journey of words so far and I feel so much richer for having been a part of their writings even in some small way.

John Green has said, “In the end, what makes a book valuable is not the paper it’s printed on, but the thousands of hours of work by dozens of people who are dedicated to creating the best possible reading experience for you (the reader).”

It’s been a privilege being counted among those whose words many others enjoy. Thanks for joining me in the story.



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