This is my “what I do/what I’ve done” page.

A sample of what I do:

Every time I work with a new author, I ask for a sample of their project so that I can see how they write and what they actually need in editing, and they can see how I edit.  (I even do this with my essay students although I only ask for a few paragraph whereas with full novel manuscripts I generally request 10 pages of writing. For the average student,  I think 10 pages of essay writing for a samply would make some of them faint.)  This is a very telling exercise for both parties.

I believe the editing process is an intimate thing – an author’s words take time to drip onto the page and often, a piece of their heart lands there as well.  Bangambiki Habyariman once wrote, “Writing is exposing yourself to strangers.” I respect how difficult that can be and, although I may be the first one to mark up a new project with red lines, strikes and changes, my intention is only to make that work the best it can be.  In order to do that, there has to be a kind of trust between the author and the editor.  (Obviously, if I’m working on a PHD thesis or a press release, this relationship will be quite different than if I’m working on a large manuscript that has taken months, or years, to write.) But my desire is always, first and foremost, to work with the one who is entrusting me with their words.

In order to show you briefly what kind of working relationship I try to have with my authors, below you can read two edited excerpts from a manuscript I worked on with one of my favourite published writers, Erin Latimer. These are from a manuscript originally titled Lord Machina.

Excerpt from LM

A sprinkling of what I’ve done:

  • Shakesbear, Stan Stumble, Temple of Hope, Caucasus Caper, Long Way Home – written by Narendra Simone
  • Country Chic Paint website content – Rosanne and Jan Korteland
  • BC Inter-professional Palliative Symptom Management Guidelines – Kathleen Yue, Education & Partnerships Lead
  • 42 Head: Frank Xavier Richter’s Similkameen Story – written by Olly Sumner-Richter
  • Common Saints magazine – produced by Matthew Christopher Davidson
  • I’m a Circle; You’re a Square – written by Ingrid Vaughan
  • Divine Messages – written and illustrated by Gary Savitsky
  • Interior Styles By Stacey website content – home staging and re-design specialist Stacey Kaminski

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