This is my “what I do/what I’ve done” page.

A sample of what I do:

Every time I work with a new author, I ask for a 10 page sample of their project so that I can see how they write and what they actually need in editing, and they can see how I edit.  (I even do this with my essay students although I only ask for a paragraph – I think the idea of 10 pages of writing would make some of them faint.)  This is a very telling exercise for both parties.

I believe the editing process is an intimate thing – an author’s words take time to drip onto the page and often, a piece of them lands there as well.  I respect that and, although I may be the first one to mark up a new project with red lines, strikes and changes, my intention is only to make that work the best it can be.  In order to do that, there has to be a kind of trust between the author and the editor.  (Obviously, if I’m working on a PHD thesis or a press release, this relationship will be quite different than if I’m working on a large manuscript that has taken months, or years, to write.)

Below, you will find two edited excerpts from a manuscript I worked on with one of my favorite up and coming authors, Erin Latimer, originally called Lord Machina.

Excerpt from LM


A sample of what I’ve done:

Common Saints magazine – produced by Matthew Christopher Davidson

I’m a Circle; You’re a Square – written by Ingrid Vaughan

Divine Messages – written and illustrated by Gary Savitsky – the website of home staging and re-design specialist Stacey Kaminski – the website of family life photographers Rosanne and Jan Korteland


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