• Proofreading – the last read before publication which checks for final spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.  This type of edit would also be used for essays, press releases, website proofs and other such projects.
  • (averages $25/3000 words)
  • Copy-edit – this type of edit deals with spelling, grammar and punctuation along with clarity and consistency of content and style.
  • (averages $30-35/3000 words)
  • Substantive or developmental edit – substantive edit: improves a manuscript by identifying and solving problems with order and flow of information; may require reorganizing paragraphs, sections, or chapters for overall clarity or readability. Developmental edit: assists the author as a writing coach by taking a rough draft of a manuscript from initial concept and making suggestions about content, organization, and presentation.  All edits in this category include notes, suggestions and story ideas along with one re-write edit in the quoted price.
  • (averages $40-45/3000 words)
  • Teaching/writing coach – I have taught both adults and children essay writing skills along with coaching new writers in their own personal word journey.  The fees for these services are based on each specific situation.

I assess each project specifically and work with each client to find the best fit both in editing needs and cost. If you have any questions or would like me to do a quote of your project, please email me at

It would be a pleasure to work with the words in your life.


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